Saturday, October 9, 2010

NFL Conference Championships Preview

I wasn't overly excited about the NFL's Conference Championships when the matchups were determined last Sunday evening. Then I watched Terminator Salvation and decided things could be worse. I could be running from killer machines, living in a desolate world, and listening to Christian Bale's over-the-top Batman voice on my transistor radio. Upon further review, the conference championships have enough to entertain.

Jets at Colts

The Jets are a scary team. Their fierce defense and physical ground game are enough to beat any opponent. Their mind games off the field aren't bad either. Rex Ryan is a master at twisting opponent's ordinary statements into insults. Ryan then uses the contrived insults to rally his team. Sounds lame but it's actually brilliant. Ryan's imposing his style on the opponent before either team has stepped onto the field. Beware what you say, Colts. The Jets are listening. (I can relate to the Colts here. The other night while watching The Bachelor, (crap, shouldn't have admitted that) I mentioned that the guy (ok, I know his name is Jake) sent one of the more attractive girls home. "What?!" My wife said. "You think SHE's attractive?... Aw man, I must be ugly.") So yeah, the Colts better watch what they say this week.

I've picked against the Jets throughout the postseason. Naturally, I'm inclined to do so here as well. The talk this past week has focused on the Jets. "The Jets know how to win; they hang around long enough to deliver the knockout blow; the Chargers were no match for New York"...Blah blah blah. If the NFL's most productive kicker over the past three seasons doesn't have the worst game of his life, the Jets are on vacation right now. If Nate Kaeding makes even two of those kicks (I'll excuse the 50+ yarder), we'd hear all about how the Jets played tough, but just weren't good enough. So, a kicker chokes and the 2009 Jets go from not quite good enough to the greatest Jets team since Joe Namath led the green and white. You gotta love the playoffs. The Jets are a tough, solid team... that got LUCKY. That's it. Did they block those kicks? No. Granted, they kept the offense out of the end zone, so they deserve credit for forcing the field goals. Regardless, I'm not jumping behind Rex Ryan's sweater vest because the NFL's best kicker thought the yellow goalposts meant "Caution, stay away." I refuse.

Speaking of field goals, make sure to pay close attention when the Colts attempt their first field goal. If Matt Stover nails it through the uprights, there will be a riot on New York's sideline. Confusion, anger, heartbreak; it will all be there. Opposing kickers are 0-5 against the Jets in the playoffs to this point. They're arrogant enough to think they've earned the misses. Rex's father, Buddy, may even punch an assistant coach (again).

Maybe Buddy could sock Peyton Manning for me too. After confidently predicting that Manning would excel in the playoffs, he's performing his usually "unstoppable in the regular season, average QB in the postseason" routine. I thought we'd be past this, Peyton. Perhaps Eli got the clutch gene. I digress.

The Colts' offense has more weapons than the Chargers', including a deeper receiving corps. Additionally, the Indy defense was successful last week by containing Baltimore's rushing attack, thus forcing an unproven quarterback to win the game. While the Jets' ground game is superior to Baltimore's, the key to winning remains the same for the Colts (stop the run). Indianapolis has the best defensive end duo in football (Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis). If they're able to tee-off on Mark Sanchez, he will struggle immensely.

As long as the Jets stay within in striking distance (two scores or less), they'll continue to run the football. Peyton Manning will need to put up points early to help his defense. As we saw last week, the New York offensive line is too good for a defense to handle the entire game. Building a sizeable lead will force the Jets to abandon the run, letting the Colts' pass rushers to force Sanchez into mistakes. Conversely, allowing the Jets to hang around could be disastrous. If you're the Colts, "lucky" and "good" are two things you don't want to mess with in the 4th quarter when a Super Bowl berth is up for grabs. The longer the game remains close, the more it favors New York. For Indianapolis, winning big early is the key to winning at all.

The past week has been full of upsets; Vienna received a rose on The Bachelor (shoot, I did it again), the Jets defeated the Chargers, Avatar ran away with the Golden Globe, and Massachusetts went Republican after a legendary Democrat passed away. This can't continue, right? It has to end sometime. The new week will bring normalcy.

New York fans can all thank me now. By confidently picking against the Jets for the third consecutive time, I've guaranteed their place in Super Bowl XLIV. Congratulations, New York. COLTS

Vikings at Saints

As a personal rule, I never back teams that intend to wear earplugs to combat crowd noise in an opponent's stadium. No, I'm not making this up. The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly issued "custom-fitted earplugs" to players in preparation for Sunday's game in the Superdome. Commence laughter now. Am I wrong here, or does this confirm that Minnesota is already intimidated? "Hey, we're kinda frightened by your home field advantage, so we're gonna go with earplugs. Please refrain from trash talk as we'll be unable to hear. Trash sign language is acceptable." Even for Brad Childress, this is embarrassing. I can't, in good conscience, pick the Vikings now.

Let's pretend for a moment that I'm still considering Minnesota. With the ferocious pass rush they demonstrated last week, the Vikings could slow down Drew Brees. Without time, Brees won't have the luxury to hit his receivers deep downfield. Instead, New Orleans would need to adjust to a quicker passing game, one that favors Minnesota's athletic linebackers and aggressive corners (don't believe me? See the Cowboys' failure last week). The Saints could also run the ball to offset Jared Allen and the Minnesota pass rush. However, I'm not expecting the same performance from Mr. Kardashian, and I'm not a true believer in the Saint's overall ground game either.

Offensively, the Vikings must get Adrian Peterson going, especially if Brees is clicking. Eat the clock, control the line of scrimmage, and use the play-action to stretch the field. Favre's performance last week makes me less confident in his play this week. He can't pull that off two weeks in a row can he? Yeah, you're right. Nothing that man does should surprise me anymore. I've never liked Favre more than when he performed "Pants on the ground" in the locker room after beating Dallas. THAT'S who I want leading my football team. Twelve year-olds can't match his passion. It's unbelievable.

Some extra insight for your time... If you can't figure out why NBC sided with Leno over Conan, look at the Favre situation. The Packers wanted to progress with younger talent (Aaron Rodgers) and hoped the legend would retire. Favre retired but wanted back in at the expense of Rodgers. Green Bay chose the younger guy and sent Favre to a competing network, I mean team. Less than two years later, the Packers are at home with their young quarterback watching the legend and his new employer on the cusp of a Super Bowl berth. NBC applied the Favre situation to their quandary. As a result, NBC chose the "legend" and sent the young talent packing.

I'm telling you, "sports" permeate all aspects of life. Watch sports for a lifetime and you'll have the answer to any situation thrown your way. (I use this "truth" to support my case when my wife tells me our kids won't be permitted to watch football for 12 straight hours. She's getting there.)

And back to the game... There's a lot of support for the Vikings after last week's demolition of the Cowboys. In my opinion, that support would swing the other way if the Vikings won on Saturday and the Saints blew out the Cardinals on Sunday. The Vikings won more recently. Therefore, they'll receive the bulk of attention from the media and fans. I can't prove this, it's just my opinion.

Anyway, I want Minnesota to win because Favre's a nice story, but more so because I'll have to pluck out my eyes if Sean Payton hoists the George Halas Trophy. I also like the Vikings because of their defense. DeMarcus Ware gave Brees fits and I expect Jared Allen to do the same. Unfortunately, I can't break my own rule. Resorting to ear plugs equals defeat. SAINTS

Friday, October 8, 2010

Five things you may not know about Colts Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has for years among the most dominant quarterbacks in the National League football as a whole. It makes the high numbers year after year and these numbers play a big part in how the Colts were successful this time too.

Manning is also one of the most popular players in NFL trop.Voici however five things that you cannot know the great Peyton Manning.

I'll second that!

Through the season 2009 NFL, Peyton Manning had thrown several passes of touch in the second quarter than at any other time of the game.It was connected to a landing 85 times in Q4, Q1, 91 86 in Q3 and once 104 in the second quarter.

Houston, you have a problem.

The Houston Texans are crew Manning was lifted most touchdown passes against in his Texans carrière.Les waived 37 TD passes him in the years .it's is only three more in the second place on this list, the Jacksonville Jaguars team.

No question, it should first be

First pass touch of Peyton Manning is entered in the fourth quarter with a loss of week 24-15 for the Miami Dolphins during its season rookie.Il went to six metres and was taken by wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

That detected the most?

No player has taken more touching passes Manning as wide receiver Marvin Harrison with a stunning 112.Ce was not always the case however.For a period of two weeks at the beginning of season rookie receiver leader in passes touch of Peyton Manning was Marshall Faulk.Harrison and Torrance Small linked Faulk next week, then Harrison him last week and gave up this day never head of this category.

Stoked on the Court an extra

Longest regular season touch pass Manning has to his credit is finished at 2001.Il was Q1 loss of 34-20 for the saints of the New Orleans at the point in the middle of the saison.Il surrounding went to 86 m and was captured by tight end Marcus Pollard.Son passage touching post longer season but has two seasons later in a playoff 41 - 10 on the fourth Denver.La Broncos win of his five touchdown passes that day went to 87 yards, just a yard and was taken by wide receiver Brandon Stokley.

Indianapolis Colts in the era of Manning

What can really say you about the Indianapolis Colts in the twelve years of NFL game? For a quarter of drafting Peyton Manning, with a first round pick in 1998, the Colts one more dominant team in the modern history of NFL, with a series of current season seven of 12 or more victories - have become more these records by any team ever consecutive season. Under the direction of Manning, team has cleared a drought of Super Bowl of 36 years and become a perennial candidate for ultimate football prices.

Draft decision

When Bill Polian, General Manager of team, seated to determine how best to rotate around the team that just one year before had managed to lose all but three of their games in the regular season, he took the fateful decision to do so through the project process.In the modern free agency era and teams of profile, it has been deemed risquée.Après proposal all, many teams of bottom-of-the-cellar just throw money around the NHL to buy the talent that they need to compete for the next années. Foi polian in the project system was questioned even more when he chose to Peyton Manning - a quarter had posted winning and statistical records project gaudy during his college career, but had also a reputation as someone who failed to win games great when they were really from the University of Tennessee.

One learning fast

The first season with Manning has proved to be worrying as the Colts repeated their performance three-victory of the year preceding .the ' year following, however, would see an overhaul of fortunes, as the Colts won thirteen of the sixteen, then lost to the Titans in the séries.Dès during, the Colts have a winning season after another, with six to ten fact 2001 performance to be only a bump on the road. The incredible series seasons between 1999-2009 would see the Colts win less than 10 games in a season during the 2001 campaign only.The culmination of a work team finally came in the 2007 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLI

2006 Has begun with a campaign to thrive as the Colts their first nine games, won and lost the last three terminate a record season 12-4 entered heavy series third seed in the AFC, led through the AFC title game and overcame an eighteen lead point by Patriots to capture the Crown AFC.In a game Super Bowl somewhat casual which was played in the rain, the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears by a score of 29 17.Le game was important for many reasons.

First, the Colts became the first team in history to win the Super Bowl more idiotic year-round League turbulent defence after heavy also became the very first team to play for his home under a dome and earn outside of Super Bowl.enfin Manning proved once and for all that he could finally win the big game by winning the greatest game of all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will Peyton Manning Win the MVP award 2009?

Peyton Manning has won the 2008 NFL most valuable player award. It was his third prize, having also won the award in 2003 and 2004.

Manning had a great season of 2008, but it something seems even more impressive in 2009.Après opened the season with five straight WINS and five simple games with 300 or more yards passing, Manning is suddenly on the track to bid for his second straight (and fourth overall) most valuable player award.

The Colts have a 5-0 record after their last victory against the Titans, Tennessee and they really look like team beating AFC.While the Broncos could set this assertion so (also 5-0 after a victory against the New England Patriots home), the guns seem to have won all their games so far relatively easily.

This can all be attributed to Peyton Manning, leader of the team and the source of one of the best offences in the NFL.Manning has around of him a new cast this year with a few new names such as Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie replacing some of the oldest such as Marvin Harrison, (released) and Anthony Gonzalez (now out for season with injuries).

Most from the quarterbacks would challenges with this adversity, but Manning has dealt with facilité.Il did these new receivers look like seasoned veterans out on the field and all should be another testimony to the fact that Peyton Manning is one of the largest ever play the game.

It could very well be MVP of the NFL in 2009.

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